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LogiCube Park in Hungary to be expanded

The first phase of the LogiCube Park was inaugurated at the beginning of this year and the 2,700 sqm facility is fully let. The two tenants of the first phase use this facility as their company's headquarters. 

The new warehouse, with a total area of almost 3,800 sqm can be divided into two parts, and the associated office space can reach 500 sqm. It is expected to be handed over in the summer of 2024. 

The modern technical and sustainability solutions already applied in the first phase of the project heat pump heating and cooling system, solar panels, green façade will be implemented in the second phase as well, primarily through energy efficient operations and a commitment to developer sustainability.

The LogiCube Park offers warehouses and office spaces primarily for small and medium-sized companies. 

“Demand for well-designed, newly-built energy-efficient facilities continues to grow, and while this will increase our construction costs, it is still worthwhile in the longer term for both developers and businesses. The western agglomeration of Budapest remains one of the most commercially sought-after regions near the capital, said Olivér Nagy, CEO of Defactoring Zrt.